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International Pathwork Foundation with lots of information and the newsletter Pathwords.

Non-Pathwork sites with information on Pathwork, the lectures and Eva Pierrakos:

Friends of the Guide – Summaries of the Pathwork Lectures
Abundant Reality Pathwork site of Charles Cresson Wood in California, author of ‘Opening To Abundance: A 31-Day Process Of Self-Discovery’
Working with Spirit Bonnie Chungs site, who combines the lectures with teachings of Emmanuel and Pema Chodren and with stories and myths
Ian Lawton: An introduction to Pathwork: broad and in-depth article introducing the main themes of Pathwork in a clear and concise manner.
New Heaven New Earth Special Report on Pathwork, Eva Pierrakos and the lectures.
The Pathwork Lectures of Eva Pierrakos by Dottie Titus on New Heaven New Earth.
My Journey back to God by Dottie Titus in The Edge News.
141 Pathwork Guide Lectures with a recommendation rating system by spiritual artist Daniel B. Holeman on his site AwakenVisions.
The Pathwork on Sexuality by Brian T.N. Stokes in Deepplanet Magazine.
The Pathwork Process: Courage to Face Our Deepest Negativities by Patricia A. Burke in The Hungry Soul magazine.
Earthwalk Center led by Darlene Rollins who combines Pathwork with her love for Nature.
Kim Rosen: Poetry, Pathwork and Self-Inquiry
Conscious Parents, an organization dedicated to guiding parents in raising children in a physically and spiritually healthy way. Founded by Pathwork helper Donna Evans-Strauss.
Healing Path, Canadian Roddy Duchesne’s practice that combines Pathwork and spiritual healing.
Wim’s Pathwork pages with a list of references in the lectures to Christian sources.
Wims Nederlandse Padwerk pagina’s waar Nederlanders en Vlamingen terecht kunnen.
Core-energetics Italy con informazione su Pathwork in italiano.
Edizioni Crisalide: Il Sentiero e un sentiero spirituale: essenza, origini, libri, lezione n. 204 (Che cosa e il Sentiero).
Spiritual Relationship, a personal article by Sherilee, creator of Fine metaphysical jewelry.
Flowing Spirit Guidance, channeling practice by Pathwork helper Joel Walzer in Mt. Tremper, New York.


Pathwork groups:

Pathwork® Groups are groups of people whose primary purpose is study of the Pathwork. They are mentored and led by a Helper who may or may not be resident in the area. The mentoring Helper is required to be a member of a Pathwork Chapter or Affiliate and is held accountable for the activities of the group and reports to the Foundation yearly on the activities of the Group.


Pathwork in Japan

Miyanosawa 1-2-8-6
Nishi-ku Sapporo, Japan 063-0051

Area Served: Japan

Midori Ohamae
Ph: 070-5618-8312

Pathwork in China

Shanghai, China

Area Served: China

Jan Rigsby and David Schwerin (


Pathwork in Switzerland

Chemin des Clyettes, 14
Arzier, Switzerland 1273

Area Served: Suisse-Romand (French speaking part)

Amanda van Boven-ten Rouwelaar
Ph: 41-22-3660223

Pathwork in Spain

Santa Rosa 33, S.L. Escorial
Madrid, Spain 28200

Area Served: Spain-Portugal

Jaime Guillen de Enriquez
Ph: 91 890 2038 y 606595789

Pathwork in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Area Served: Spain and Portugal

Claudia Hiller, Djanira Cavalcante

Pathwork in Belgium

Borneveldstraat 52
Herent, Belgium 3020

Area Served: Belgium

Maria Van Eyken
Ph: 0032-16-898259

Pathwork in Germany

HauptstraBe 26
Bodensee, Germany 37434

Area Served: Germany

Wolfgang Steeger
Ph: 0049-5507-999986

Pathwork in Germany

Kosener Strasse 5
Berlin, Germany 14199

Sabine Jungbluth
Ph: 0049-308-257-276

Il Sentiero

Via Campodivivo 43
Spigno, Italy 4020

Area Served: Southern Italy

Raffaele Iandolo
Ph: 39-0771-64463
Fax: 39-0771-639121

Middle East

Pathwork in Israel

Maale Zvia
Misgav, Israel 20129

Sigal Halperin
Ph: 04-661-9139
Fax: 04-661-9064

North America —USA East

Central Park Pathwork

275 Central Park West
New York City, USA

Area Served: New York City

Brigitte Basis

Jan Rigsby

285 E 35th St.
Brooklyn, NY, US 11203

Area Served: New York City, Online and at-a-distance classses

Jan Rigsby
Ph: 347-722-1733

Cape Cod Pathwork Group

21 Heritage Dr.
Orleans, USA 02653

Karl Oakes
Ph: 585-730-3720

Eastern Massachusetts Pathwork

195 Harvey Street
Cambridge, USA 02140

Karl Oakes; Mef ford
Ph: 585-730-3720; 617-661-3839;

Pathwork in Cincinnati

P.O Box 42803
Cincinnati, United States 45242-0803

Gary Vollbracht
Ph: 513-469-1005

Mid-Atlantic Pathwork, Inc. associate – The Earthwalk Center

913 Holly Corner Rd.
Fredericksburg, United States 22406

Darlene Rollins
Ph: 540-752-5540

Florida Information

, United States

Area Served: Florida

Cibele de Macedo Salviatto
Ph: 305-456-7924

Pathwork of Georgia

Atlanta, United States 30305

Cynthia Schwartzberg
Ph: 917-816-3534

North America—USA West

Pathwork in Texas

Austin, United States

Area Served: Texas

Jan Rigsby
Ph: 347-722-1733

Pathwork in Washington

c/o Brossmann 3023 Northwest 95th street
Seattle, United States 98117

Area Served: Washington State

Maraiel Ruth
Ph: 530-265-3159

Pathwork in Colorado

1 Blue Mountain Rd.
Lyons, United States 80540

Linda Farrell
Ph: 303-884-4620

Pathwork in Iowa

20 Arbor Hill Circle #43 Iowa City, IA
Coralville, United States 52245

Eric Roalson
Ph: 319-337-0678

Pathwork in New Mexico

P.O. Box 753
Santa Fe, United States 87501-0753

Elsie Rippel
Ph: 505-424-1302


Pathwork in Australia

124 Keppies Rd.
Paterson, Australia 2421

Jan Rigsby


Jan Rigsby

285 E 35th St.
Brooklyn, NY, US 11203

Area Served: New York City, Online and at-a-distance classses

Jan Rigsby
Ph: 347-722-1733

Pathwork Online

350 Mill Rd. Suite 216
Toronto, Canada M9C 5R7

Area Served: Worldwide

Gustavo Monteiro
Ph: 1-416-561-5780

South America

Pathwork de Goias

Rua C-243 quadra 557 lote 10 Bairro: Jardim America
Goiania – GO, Brazil 74290-180

Area Served: Goiania

Rita de Cassia Mansur de Castro
Ph: (062) 3285-8027; (062) 8118-0446; (062) 8462-8027

Pathwork Brasilia

Seps 710/910 Sul, Ed. Via Brasil S/508. Asa Sul
Brasilia, Brazil 70390-108

Area Served: Brasilia

Flavio Vervloet
Ph: consultorio (061) 3442-8108; (061) 3443-8108 ou (061) 9961-2414


Pathwork affiliates:

These Pathwork® communities and centers are incorporated nonprofit membership organizations. They offer many programs for individuals and groups based on the Pathwork teachings. They also train Pathwork Helpers and teachers, people who help others with the Pathwork Lecture material and their personal voyage of inner discovery.


Pathwork South East Europe (PWSEE)

Milutina Milankovica 25 V/46
Novi Beograd, Serbia 11070

Area Served: (Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania)

Lidija Zivkovic

Padwerk Nederland Elst Gld

Papekamp 45
6662 SB Elst, Netherlands

Catherine Wienneke
Ph: 06-5082-3773

North America —USA East

Great Lakes Pathwork

305 Pineridge
Ann Arbor, United States 48103

Brian O’Donnell
Ph: 734-663-1095

New York Region Pathwork, Inc.

603 Lazy Lane
Absecon, United States 8201

Laurene Dunne
Ph: 845-688-2211

Philadelphia Pathwork Region, Inc.

901 Bellevue Ave.
Hulmeville, United States 19047

Richard Carlson
Ph: 215-752-9894

Pathwork in Vermont

P.O. Box 15
Montpelier, United States 05601

Isabelle Meulnet
Ph: 802-279-9144

Mid-Atlantic Pathwork, Inc. – Sevenoaks

403 Pathwork Way
Madison, United States 22727


Ph: 540-948-6544
Fax: 540-948-3956

North America—Mexico

Pathwork of Mexico

Circuito Historiadores #21
Ciudad Satelite, Mexico C.P. 53100

Olga Tanaka
Ph: 52-555393-5258

North America—USA West

Pathwork of California, Inc.

7851 Drury Lane
La Jolla, United States 92037

Carol Carpenter
Ph: 760-815-9477

South America

Pathwork Minas Gerais

Rua Antonio de Albuquerque, 717, sala 604, Savassi – BH, MG
Savassi – BH, MG, Brazil

Area Served: Minas Gerais

Ivone Damas
Ph: 9949-5597

Pathwork in Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay

Area Served: Uruguay

Alcira Abin; Mercedes Lucas; Beatriz Arechavaleta
Ph: 410-16-74 or 709-61-64 or 600-79-39

Pathwork Sao Paulo

Rua Roquette Pinto 401
Sao Paolo, Brazil 05515-010

Area Served: Sao Paulo

Ana Maria Baptista Gavazzi
Ph: 55-11-3721-0231
Fax: (11) 3721-8228


Pathwork Chapters:

Pathwork® Chapter is a non-incorporated group, led by at least two Helpers, one of whom is required to be resident of the immediate area. Chapters offer programs for individuals and groups based on the Pathwork teachings. The Helpers leading those Chapters regularly report to the Foundation on their activities.


Pathwork in Northern Italy

Fanano , Italy

Area Served: Northern Italy (Milan, Fanano, Modena)

Hedda Kohler
Ph: (cell) (39) 339.27.28.410 or (39) 0536 69002

Le Troisieme Pole a.s.b.l.

1, rue de la Gare d’Autre-Eglise
Autre-Eglise, Belgium 1367

Marianne Hubert
Ph: or 32.477.53.57.51

Pathwork United Kingdom

Lichfield, United Kingdom

Area Served: United Kingdom

Simon Gleave
Ph: 44 (0) 754.789.75.95

North America —USA East

Pathwork in Florida

Area Served: Florida

Cibele Salviatto; Barara Azzarra
Ph: 305-505-4743

Pittsburgh Pathwork

Pittsburgh, United States

Sue Van Doeren

North America—Canada

Pathwork in Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada

Area Served: Ottawa

Jean Millar
Ph: 613-829-1254

Pathwork Canada

350 Mill Rd. Suite 216
Toronto, Canada M9C 5R7

Gustavo Monteiro
Ph: 1-416-561-5780

Pathwork Canada (Ontario)

32 Martin Street South – SS1
Almonte, Canada KOA-1AO

Louise Stevenson
Ph: 613-256-2654

North America—USA West

Pathwork in Sacramento/Sierra Foothills

P.O. Box 1341
Nevada City, United States 95959

Area Served: Sacramento and surrounding areas

Maraiel Ruth
Ph: 530-265-3159

Pathwork Colorado

Greenbrier Ct.
Boulder, United States 80305

Area Served: Colorado

Nick Meima and Tara Welles
Ph: 303-502-7358

Arizona Pathwork

2205 W. Jalapeno Way
Cottonwood, United States 86326

Ann Conover
Ph: 928-634-9294

Northwest Pathwork

407 NE 12th
Portland, United States 97232

Kathleen Goldberg
Ph: 503-280-0880

South America

Pathwork Fortaleza

Rua Teatrologo Silvano Serra 350 casa 200
Bairro de Lourdes Fortaleza – CE, Brazil 60.177-050

Area Served: Fortaleza

Gustavo Moura
Ph: (85) 9929-0036; (85) 3081-2422

Pathwork Paraiba

Av. Julia Freire no. 1214 Bairro: Expedicionario
Joao Pessoa – PB, Brazil 58041-000

Area Served: Brazil

Claubete Nobrega
Ph: (083) 3224-2362 ou (083) 9967-8303

Pathwork Rio Grande do Sul e Santa Catarina

Av. Bento Goncalves, 1403/908. Porto Alegre. 90.650-002 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Rio Grande, Brazil 386/201.90.670-000

Alexandre Berg
Ph: (+5551) 99964-9539

Pathwork in Argentina

Cap. Federal, Castex 3345, Piso 12
Buenos Aires, Argentina 541

Teresa Colmegna
Ph: 54-1-801-7024

Pathwork Rio de Janeiro e Espirito Santo

Rua Padre Leonel Franca 110 S/ 608. Gavea
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 22452-000

Area Served: Rio de Janeiro

Gloria Costa
Ph: (021) 8224-4333; (021) 2529-2322 consultorio

Pathwork Bahia (Instituto Pathwork Bahia)

Rua das Hortensias 726, Pituba
Salvador Bahia, Brazil 41810-010

Area Served: Salvador Bahia

Rino Marconi
Ph: 71.33511711 e 99695014;

Pathwork lectures depth search:

About pathwork:

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Site about pathwork in Dutch:

Padwerk: Psychologie en Spiritualiteit


To my teacher Marieke Mars who taught me self-honesty. To my courageous and loving pathwork helper Dottie Titus.

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